12 July 16

Adani court decision: will you be on standby?

Adani’s giant Carmichael coal mine could still go ahead. Anytime soon, the judge will decide our court case challenging the mine’s approval.

10 June 16

Jack Green, McArthur River

‘We’ve been here a long time and this land is important to us’

31 May 16

Stanley Tang & the Black-throated Finch

Ornithologist and zoologist, PhD candidate

31 May 16

How do the parties compare this election? ACF scorecard

Wondering if political parties have a plan for the things you care about? Here you go – read the official 2016 ACF interactive election scorecard!

26 May 16

Will you host a local meet-up in your electorate?

In June, people in neighbourhoods across the country are gathering to share our stories, express our hopes, hone our best ideas, and craft a plan for working together to put the environment on the agenda this election. Can you host an ACF local meet-up in your electorate?

05 May 16

Our court case to protect the reef

ACF's landmark case will test whether our environment laws are strong enough to protect our Great Barrier Reef from its biggest threat – climate change.

29 April 16

Let's take on their scare campaign

They are ramping up their scare campaign. Shock jocks on soap boxes. Politicians digging up three-word slogans. Big polluting companies desperately chasing a quick buck while they still can.

28 April 16

The Abbott/Turnbull Government environmental record

We've examined the Abbott/Turnbull Government’s environmental record. Get the list – the bad, the good and the "jury's still out." 

15 March 16

Senators respond to 105,252 signatures!

Last week, four incredible nature champions delivered 105,252 signatures to key decision makers in Canberra calling on Senators not to rip out the laws that protect our air, water and wildlife.