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Gas is a volatile, dangerous fuel from last century. It is mainly made up of methane, a greenhouse gas 84 times more potent than carbon dioxide. Gas extraction poisons our water and wrecks our land.

But the Morrison government is spending public money on new gas projects.

Safe, healthy communities depend on a healthy planet. Let’s get on with the climate solutions that are here, now, and ready to scale in Australia.

Australia is one of the sunniest, windiest places on earth — we have huge opportunities to power our lives with clean, renewable energy this decade and export our sunshine to the world.

We can’t wait any longer. Climate damage is here. The solutions we need are available and ready to renew our communities.

Call on our elected representatives to work together and do better.

They must act now to secure and create climate-positive jobs and do our part to cut pollution this decade — to keep people and wildlife safe from dangerous, climate-fuelled bushfires, droughts and storms.

Australia has the abundant clean energy, the tools and the talent to do the job. Let’s get on with it.

Sign this open letter to all Members and Senators in the Australian Parliament.

Open letter

To all Members and Senators in the Australian Parliament:

  • Power our communities and transport with clean energy. Replace coal and gas with renewable energy in the next decade.
  • Send our sunshine around the world with clean energy exports like green hydrogen, steel and aluminium.
  • Get coal and gas money out of politics and put people back in. Stop accepting dirty donations from coal and gas companies and ban big political donations to reduce their influence on decision-making.
  • Save our big backyard: protect and restore our forests, wetlands and mangroves for our climate and for the animals that call them home.

Header image: Gas field. Leonid Ikan/Shutterstock and Warwick Solar Farm. ACF

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Samanthe 2021-07-28 17:52:06 +1000
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Don’t let us lag behind the world, if we act now we still have time to save the planet for our children and the next generations.
Sabrina 2021-07-27 07:37:39 +1000
We have so many resources and so much scientific knowledge to create a sustainable, renewable world. The nonsense of right wing political agendas has got to go. Climate change is already getting closer to a tipping point. Let’s aim for a bright and healthy future
Vera 2021-07-27 07:37:24 +1000
Tiarra 2021-07-27 04:18:35 +1000
Janette huston
Janette 2021-07-26 22:31:28 +1000
Meghan 2021-07-26 17:46:03 +1000
We need to move with the times and not live in the past, innovation is the way forward and as humans we are more than capable of readapting to cleaner solutions for energy sources that preserve the only planet we and our future generations get to live on. This is possible and we know it. Educate, collaborate and create change!
Heather 2021-07-26 16:18:53 +1000
I strongly support the opinions of ACF on climate change remedies. We need a healthy planet for all life.
Susan 2021-07-26 15:42:03 +1000
Andrew 2021-07-26 14:41:23 +1000
Peter 2021-07-26 13:29:04 +1000
Australian’s should be concerned about the UN’s recently ranking us last for countries tackling climate change. This is a time for action and it is very clear and obvious to anybody who takes the time to do the research that our current government is being heavily swayed by fossil fuel corporations. Enough is enough. With a federal election looming in 2022 please do your research, look into the environmental policies of your preferred party, question them, then decide how you want Australia’s future to look. Vote Environment.
Sarah 2021-07-26 12:36:24 +1000
Samantha Dunn
Samantha 2021-07-26 12:23:55 +1000
CO2 levels globally are at their highest in 4 million years. The IEA says no new oil, coal or gas can be developed if we are to have any chance of hitting the 1.5 degree goal of the Paris Agreement. Time to end all subsidies for fossil fuels and fast track renewable energy in all sectors of the economy.
Nic 2021-07-26 12:14:28 +1000
Jennifer 2021-07-25 22:14:21 +1000
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