Climate damage impacts us all. So we all deserve to have a voice in how, together, we work to solve it.

It's why we’re working with partners across civil society on Together We Can – our new campaign uniting the voices of everyday Australians, groups and businesses all calling for climate action now.

Core to Together We Can is each of us sharing our climate stories. By elevating our stories together, we can demonstrate the diversity of community voices demanding action – and inspire others to join with us.

What’s your climate story? Why do you care about climate action, and what does rapidly cutting pollution look like to you? Join Together We Can to raise your voice and help build the movement!

Join together we can

Personal, authentic stories can create transformational change – and Together We Can is a platform for all of us to speak up.

The beautiful Together We Can website has climate stories you can read and watch by people across Australia from all walks of life. Meet some of the voices of Together We Can, and invite your friends and family to join us!

Together We Can stories

Torres Webb

Science and Cultural Educator, Torres Strait Islands/Cairns, Queensland


The climate change story we don't hear or see is the story in the Torres Strait. Climate change is real and it is happening here right now in our own backyard... My message to the government is to invest. Invest in looking after our natural environment. Invest in our people and for our future.”

Read Torres' story

Amita Roy

Doctor, Melbourne, Victoria


Mental health is something we don’t talk about much in connection to climate damage. But as a doctor, I see a lot of mental health issues in people impacted by climate disasters.

Read Amita's story

Billie Tristram

Student, Townsville, Queensland


“Climate action is understanding that no matter if you’re nine years old or 60 years old, you can always make a difference”.

Read Billie's story

The majority of Australians want climate action – but many of our elected representatives still aren’t doing enough.

With the global spotlight on the Australian Government to step up, big businesses rapidly moving away from polluting investments and a federal election due before mid-next year, now is our time to unite and compel our elected representatives to be more ambitious than ever before. Together, we can make them all step up.

It is also a great opportunity for your friends and family to make a difference and add their voices to this critical issue that impacts us all.

Invite your friends and family to join Together We Can today.

We'll be taking these stories to our decision makers, telling our leaders that people across the country want to see greater action on climate.

Together we can demonstrate our unity to decision makers, and make urgent action to cut climate pollution this decade a reality for Australia.

A powerful, growing list of groups have joined Together We Can like 1 Million Women, the Sydney Alliance, the Climate and Health Alliance, The Australian Religious Response to Climate Change and many more. If you are part of a group or organisation that would like to join, email us at [email protected].

Let’s unite and get on with the climate solutions to secure a safe future for us all.

Join together we can