Climate damage is here, now

Climate damage is here, now. Reef bleaching. Mega bushfires. Drought.

It’s harming the people we love, and it’s getting worse. But the solutions are here, now too.

Our next government must step up and make a plan to stop climate damage. No more burning coal. No climate-wrecking Adani mine.

It’s time to power this country with clean, renewable energy from the sun and wind.

That’s why right across Australia, we’re growing a huge campaign for our planet and the people we love. This is the climate election and we are climate voters.

Together, we are making stopping climate damage such a big election issue, our next government will have no choice but to step up and act. Here. Now. Not later.

Here's how

Together, we’re having a million conversations to put climate damage on the agenda. We’re surveying people in key places where the vote is close, where parties must compete on issues to get elected. And we’re calling voters at hundreds of calling parties to connect with personal conversations.

We are demonstrating this issue is a vote-changer by showing all parties how many people care. We’ll push candidates and parties to stop climate damage and shift to clean energy. We’re making this campaign visible in the streets and the media.

When the election’s called, we’ll rate the parties' policies in an independent scorecard so people know what they’re really voting for. We'll flood key electorates with billboards, digital ads and volunteer doorknockers to share the verdict.

So let’s get to work! You can pledge to be a climate voter. Then, host a calling party or join a conversation event near you.

Climate damage stops with us #HereNow. I'm a climate voter, are you?

You can be part of this

Find the latest news, events and resources to help you raise your voice and vote


National calling party

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Online on Zoom:, Melbourne
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Climate catastrophe is not our destiny. We know how to stop this – we have the solutions, here, now.


Be a climate voter

Together, we must make the next election the climate election.

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Come to a doorknock near you

Join volunteers talking to people in key places about why stopping climate damage matters


Volunteer to make this the climate election

Join the community campaign to have a million conversations about stopping climate damage.

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Join or host a calling party

Let's have thousands of conversations about stopping climate damage