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Our right to speak out is under threat.

Australia's biggest climate mobilisation ever – in photos

News | 23 September 19

We need to strengthen our democracy so it works to protect the places we love.

Our beautiful wildlife and unique landscapes are loved by everyone — and we must ensure our systems work to protect them for future generations.

But right now, powerful voices like big coal lobbyists are distorting the political process and influencing our government for their own gain.

Together we can make our political system transparent, accountable and free from corruption.

We can fix our democracy

Our vision for Australia’s democracy is one in which the wellbeing of all life is at the heart of every decision. Dollars don’t determine public policy — people do. 

Our 10 principles for a healthy democracy came from extensive research with diverse people around Australia. It is their vision that has informed ours.

Some useful reading:

How to build a healthy democracy

Photo: Ryan Chenoweth / James Thomas

How to make it happen

Our democracy needs to be clean, fair, active and meaningful. Here’s where we start:

  • Strengthen political donations and spending regulation. We need meaningful transparency and limits on donations to political parties, as well as spending limits to ensure corporations can’t use their oversized wallets to drown out our voices.
  • Transparency around lobbying so we know who is meeting our politicians and why.
  • A federal integrity commission that has the power to investigate allegations of corruption and uncover deep networks of influence in politics.
  • A strong civil society to advocate for people and planet. Our right to advocate for the changes we need must be respected and protected.

A healthy democracy works for our people and our planet.

You can be part of this

Read the latest news, and find the actions you can take so our democracy works for the people.

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Our right to speak out is under threat.

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Australia's biggest climate mobilisation ever – in photos

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