The results from the biggest ever climate poll in Australian history have just been published.

Here is what people across Australia think about climate change. 

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Rural Australia wants climate action

Bruce Currie

Regional and rural Australia is positive about a transition to a clean energy future.

A majority of people in regional and rural Australia believe greater climate action will create positive opportunities for young Australians (53%) and result in health benefits for them (63%).

Central Queensland Farmer Bruce Currie says “for the sake of the next generation, we have to take action. It’s vital. We can turn this liability into an asset – action that needs to be taken to stop climate change will profit and benefit agriculture and society.”

Government targets are 'too little, too late'


The verdict on the government’s 2050 target is clear. 6-out-of-10 people are not convinced the Prime Minister’s commitment to net zero by 2050 is enough action.

And a rising tide of people want the federal government to take greater action by 2030.

4-in-10 people now think the government’s current target of cutting emissions by 26-28% by 2030 is ‘too little, too late’.

Climate action will make our economy stronger


A majority of people in every federal electorate believe the economy will become stronger by taking greater climate action.

This includes a significant majority (61%) of people who vote for the Coalition.

Australia has ready-to-go climate solutions that will slash pollution this decade and deliver economic benefits. ACF’s sunshot report shows that embracing clean energy exports now can create 395,000 new jobs.

We love nature as a climate solution!

Sunlight hits old growth trees in NSW forest

Stronger national environment laws to strengthen nature’s ability to store climate pollution is in our top two priorities for greater climate action.

Mangroves help protect communities and coastlines from storm surge fuelled by climate damage. And our forests are some of the most carbon-dense on Earth. Restoring them can drive pollution down, and protect wildlife and our communities for generations to come.

The poll shows people want more climate action from our government. Want to help us make it clear to our decision makers?

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Our #1 priority: giving coal and gas the flick!

Fossil fuel pollution shoots up into the sky

Our top priority for greater climate action is replacing coal and gas-fired power with renewable energy.

People who live in areas which have fossil fuel industries are mostly positive about the economic benefits of switching from coal and gas to clean energy in their communities.

This includes Central Queensland where the majority of people in the electorates of Flynn, Capricornia, Maranoa and Dawson are positive about the economic benefits of a clean energy transition.

Young people rank climate as top concern – and we know action creates future opportunities!

Students strike for climate action, holding up chalkboard signs that read: OUR FUTURE!

A majority of people across Australia believe stronger climate action this decade will create future opportunities for young people. This includes more than half (52%) of the Baby Boomer generation.

Generation Z is the most likely of all age groups to position climate change as the top priority issue in influencing their vote at an election, followed by Millennials.

Alex Fuller from the Australian Youth Climate says "Across the board, one thing is clear: young people want our government to put the health and safety of communities before the profits of big corporations. Our generation needs all parties to have a real plan to protect our future."

We know that climate action will benefit our health

Doctor Michelle Hamroisi walks with her children on the beach

A majority of people in all 151 federal electorates believe taking great action on climate change will lead to health benefits for them personally.

This includes a majority of people living in regional and rural Australia (63%).

NSW South Coast Doctor Michelle Hamroisi says: “Climate action is the greatest opportunity for our country in terms of health, wellbeing, economic opportunity and prosperity.”

We want government to invest in greater climate action

Older couple in forest

Almost half of the country (48%) supports greater action on climate change because the benefits outweigh any costs involved. Only 1-in-10 people believe the costs of climate action are too high.

However, it’s important to make clear that our governments, and the polluting companies driving climate damage, should be stepping up and paying the bill.

Top issues that will affect votes


Climate change is in the top three issues for almost 1-in-3 people (30%) when considering their vote at the next federal election, alongside a combination of the following: cost of living, health and hospitals, managing the Covid-19 pandemic and the economy.

For the 1.63 million young people aged 18 to 24 enrolled to vote, climate change is one of the two most important issues determining how they will vote on election day (alongside how the pandemic has been managed).

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Pj Jacobs

National Climate Change Campaigner