Convergence 2017

Join us for a weekend of training, nature and community building at Convergence 2017. Get the know-how to build people power, change the story and fix the system.

Together, we can mend our world

Do you want to stop Adani's giant, polluting coal mine and be part of the growing community of people prepared to show up and speak out clean energy and our children’s future?

Want to make a real difference? Learn skills and connect with people? Be inspired, empowered and energised?

Then come along to a weekend of training, nature and community building at beautiful camp Warrawee, 35 minutes outside of Brisbane.  

Brisbane 17-19 March – booked out! 

Melbourne Convergence – dates to be announced later in 2017.

Let's do this

At Convergence, we'll get you skilled up, fired up and ready to go. You'll go home feeling:

  • Inspired to do simple, practical things to speak out for clean energy and our living world
  • Confident meeting with your elected representatives
  • Motivated to have persuasive conversations to activate people you know
  • Skilled up to form effective local groups that make a real difference
  • Recharged from connecting with like-minded people, making plans and sharing yarns around the campfire

Change happens when ordinary people get involved, get engaged and come together as a united community to demand it. 

So come to Convergence 2017.

And let's get on with it. 

Brisbane 17-19 March – booked out!

Check out the full program of Convergence Brisbane.

What will you learn?

At Convergence 2017, you'll learn all about story, strategy, teams and action, then create plans to take action and win specific local campaigns.

We’ll give you guidance on how to run non-partisan campaigns – then follow up to reconnect, re-strategise and connect local groups to something bigger.

Plus there will be loads of fun activities like optional guided nature walks, canoeing, film screenings, dancing and campfire storytelling.

Check out the full program of Convergence Brisbane.

Let's show up, speak out and act

To change the story and the system, we must build connected and active community power. Convergence 2017 will empower our community to speak out, show up and act. You'll learn to change the story, build people power and fix the system.


Dismantle old stories of conflict between people and nature and create new stories of connection and life that move people to action.


Build a wave of people who care, and are willing to act into powerful, organised communities for change.


Take on the big, structural challenges – the laws, policies, institutions, decision and practices – to create a system that does right by people and nature.

What's the program?

A mixture of whole-group plenary sessions, smaller hands-on workshops and local action planning. You'll learn a heap of practical skills like how to:

  • Run an effective local group
  • Meet your elected representatives
  • Make change in your area
  • Run a great event
  • Do creative advocacy
  • Write great media releases and letters to the editor
  • Have persuasive conversations and tell compelling stories that move people to action

Plus loads of optional fun activities like guided nature walks, canoeing, film screenings, dancing and campfire storytelling.

Check out the full program of Convergence Brisbane.

Change the story

  • You'll learn to tell a powerful personal story about why you care and act.
  • Tell collective stories that connect you with others around shared values.
  • Describe your strategy through a powerful "story of now" that motivates others to act with you.
  • Understand how to strengthen compassionate values and challenge selfish values.

Build people power

  • How to run a group with clear and effective roles to support each other, avoid burnout, create good strategy, have more fun
  • Practice the micro-skills of managing groups, conversations and meetings.
  • How to sustain group involvement and maintain momentum between different campaigns.
  • Increase your skills in advocacy.
  • Build power in an enduring community with shared values that is active on multiple issues that impact our air, water, wildlife and communities.
  • Understand your place as part of an inclusive, diverse and powerful movement, from small local groups to large organisations.  

Fix the system

  • At Convergence 2017, you'll understand your role in a local group that is part of a national campaign strategy.
  • Right now we are campaigning to stop Adani’s giant coal mine – ensuring no bank will fund the project.
  • We're also running a positive campaign to shift to clean energy and cut pollution – putting pressure on a federal government that is reluctant to act by pressuring state governments to rev up clean energy ambitions.

Connect with nature

  • We'll take time to play and connect with nature and community at Convergence 2017.
  • Walk, wander, wonder and awaken to the smell of gum leaves and the warbling of the birds.
  • Replenish your energy for the campaigns ahead as you share the weekend with like-minded people who care and act.
  • There will be dancing.


Get your tickets now

Your ticket includes accommodation, vegetarian meals, materials and training. Ticket prices are graded so everyone can participate, whatever your circumstances.

Convergence 2017 is a two day immersive experience, starting on Friday night and finishing on Sunday afternoon. Can't stay over night or come for the whole weekend? That's okay – come to as much as you can. 

Brisbane Convergence is book out!

Melbourne Convergence to be announced for late 2017. 

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