Burning polluting fuels is damaging the planet we call home

We all want to keep enjoying life on our beautiful planet – with abundant coral reefs, clean air and thriving communities. 

But by burning coal and gas, big polluting companies are damaging our climate and fuelling fire-storms, heatwaves, cyclones and floods.

This has to stop.

Our government must stop the big polluters burning coal and gas, and make a national plan to harvest all our energy from the sun and wind. 

Woman holding signs in a climate march

Photo: James Thomas


Clean energy is the solution

Clean energy from the sun and wind is here, right now, and it just makes sense. 

It doesn’t harm our climate, fuel coral bleaching or pollute our air and water. It’s affordable and good for our communities. 

It’s time for our governments to step up and lead – and make a national plan so we can repower Australia with clean energy from the wind and sun. It’s time for everyone, everywhere to demand our elected representatives do the right thing and listen to the people they represent.

This is not a matter of ‘we should do this’, or ‘we’d be wise to.’ It’s simpler. We must.

So let’s get on with it.

The truth is: the natural world is changing. And we are totally dependent on that world. It provides our food, water and air. It is the most precious thing we have and we need to defend it. ―David Attenborough

Take Action

Read the latest news and find out how you can help shift to a clean energy future.

News | 02 February 18

National Energy Guarantee will be a ‘dismal failure’ says key industry analyst

Carbon and Energy Markets has identified numerous problems with the National Energy Guarantee


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Turnbull Government’s climate policy review a damp squib as pollution continues to rise

Since the Coalition repealed the national carbon price, climate pollution has risen by 3.7%

Ask our Environment Minister to lead on clean energy

Australia’s Minister for Energy and the Environment, Josh Frydenberg, has critical decisions to make.
News | 09 December 17

AGL closes Liddell and boosts clean energy in rejection of Turnbull’s coal obsession

New South Wales' oldest, dirtiest coal-burning power station will close as scheduled in 2022 

News | 20 November 17

Replacing Liddell with clean energy would slash pollution and save more than $1.3 billion

A expanded clean energy package could also deliver significant new battery storage, solar thermal and bioenergy and still be almost half a billion dollars cheaper than keeping the polluting Liddell plant open.

News | 15 November 17

Major global assessment puts Australia at the bottom of the class on climate action – AGAIN!

Only Iran, Republic of Korea and Saudi Arabia performed worse than Australia on overall performance in tackling climate pollution.