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News | 21 December 18

The dirty truth: Australia's most polluted postcodes

Read the plan to Repower Australia with clean energy from sun and wind

News | 03 May 18

We love a sun-powered country

To stop climate damage in Australia, we need to rapidly shift to clean energy from the sun and wind.

Renewables just make sense. They’re affordable and good for our communities. With clean energy, we can power our lives without harming our climate, coral reefs, air and water.

In 2017, the world added more new solar power than coal, gas and nuclear combined. In Australia, we have 1.8 million solar rooftops. Tasmania already runs with 93% renewable energy. South Australia’s powered by 50% renewables – plus the world’s biggest battery dispatches clean energy to the grid in milliseconds.

Modelling shows we have the technology to switch from coal and gas to 100% renewable electricity by 2030 – that’s just 12 years away!

Some useful reading:

A plan to repower Australia
Australia's most polluted postcodes

Woman holding signs in a climate march

Photo: James Thomas


Clean energy for all

But right now, our federal government is listening to the big coal lobby instead of the people, and slowing the transition to renewables.

Without federal government leadership, Australia will struggle to quickly stop climate damage and transition from burning coal and gas to clean, renewable energy. That’s why we’re:

  • Campaigning to make the next federal election the climate election so our next government has no choice but to step up and lead
  • Ramping up a movement-wide national #Repower campaign to push for 100% clean energy in Australia by 2030, while cleaning up industry, transport and energy waste
  • Building powerful cross-sector alliances to replace Australia’s most polluting power stations with clean energy, while making sure the transition is fair for impacted communities

So let's get on with it! Sign the petition calling on our elected representatives to source all our energy from the sun, wind and water. 

100% clean energy – let’s get on with it! @ScottMorrisonMP @billshortenmp

Take Action

Read the latest news and find out how you can help shift to a clean energy future.

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