Today, we're releasing the results from the largest independent climate poll in Australian history, and the results are undeniable:

In every federal electorate in the country, the majority of voters want the government to do more on climate and agree that Australia’s energy future is renewable. It shatters the myth there’s one view in the bush about climate change and another in the city.

It also shows that 65% of voters say Labor and Coalition plans for climate action will influence their vote.

The YouGov poll used the groundbreaking methodology that successfully predicted both the 2017 UK election and the 2016 US election. It’s the first-time the technique has been used in Australia. And the results confirm that Australia is a diverse nation united in our desire for climate action.

However, the Morrison Government still doesn’t have a climate plan that actually listens to what Australians want or heeds the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s (IPCC) recent, urgent call to cut climate pollution this decade and avert global catastrophe. The Labor opposition must also outline their plan for a safe climate.

The polls are in. Our leaders must listen.

Send this letter of the groundbreaking poll results to Prime Minister Scott Morrison and Opposition Leader Anthony Albanese, and demand they Renew Australia with climate solutions and cut pollution now.

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The poll found:

  • One-in-three (32%) people in inner metro electorates and one-in-four (25%) people in rural electorates say climate change is the most important issue for them at the next election.
  • Half (51%) of Coalition voters want greater action on climate change and one-in-five Coalition voters say it is the issue that will most influence their vote.
  • Six out of ten voters (61%) support action to cut Australia’s greenhouse emissions by at least half by 2030.
  • Nationally, 71% of voters do not see coal and gas as part of Australia’s future energy mix, with a majority in every seat rejecting plans for the government to build new gas and coal-fired power plants.
  • 57% of voters think the Morrison government should pay more attention to expert advice on climate change.
  • A majority in the Hunter Valley coal region of NSW and in the Queensland ‘coal seats’ of Flynn, Maranoa, Capricornia, Herbert and Dawson do not believe that new coal and gas plants should be built to supply Australia’s future energy needs.

Today we launch the poll results and our new campaign, Together We Can. Visit the Together We Can website and explore the poll including for every electorate in the country!

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The poll comes at a crucial time. In the next two months, the Morrison Government will decide on the climate plan it will take to the pivotal UN Climate Change Conference this November. It’s time for the Morrison Government to put politics aside, and listen to the poll results and the people they represent.

And the federal opposition, led by Anthony Albanese, are yet to commit to a strong climate plan. We must demonstrate to him the demand for climate action and get the Australian Labor Party to step up.

If we send the letter together, we will make clear to the people who want to lead this country that climate is not an issue to compromise on. We need and we want action NOW!

The poll was conducted on a nationally representative sample of more than 15,000 Australian voters aged 18+ and used multilevel regression with post-stratification (MRP) analysis for the first time in Australia, after the technique’s stunning success in predicting the results of the 2017 UK general election. Read more about this method on the Together We Can website by downloading the full report.

The poll results are incredible. The majority of Australians want climate action. Now it’s time for the Prime Minister and Opposition Leader to listen to the people. Send them this letter with the poll results and demand they act for our climate now.

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explore the climate poll

Innovative and world-leading survey analysis powered this groundbreaking poll that cuts through the politics and shifts the narrative on climate in Australia. It was only possible because of our incredible, generous donors. Donate now to continue powering our work.


Kelly O’Shanassy

CEO of the Australian Conservation Foundation.

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