In the next two months, the Morrison Government will decide on the climate plan it will take to the pivotal UN Climate Change Conference this November.

The biggest climate poll in Australia's history just found that in every single federal electorate in the country, the majority of voters want the government to do more on climate and agree that Australia’s energy future is renewable.

The latest Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) report is the starkest warning yet of the urgent need for climate action. We urgently need out leaders to act – with ambitious plans to renew Australia with climate solutions and reach net zero emissions within 15 years.

Send this letter to Prime Minister Scott Morrison, and Opposition Leader Anthony Albanese, to urge both their parties to listen to the science, and the people they represent by creating an ambitious climate action plan. 

Neither major party have committed to a climate action plan that cuts pollution in line with the science, or community demands. There's no more time to waste – the majority of Australians want our leaders to act now!

Let's flood both leaders with emails to show the breadth of community demand for climate action and get them to step up with ambitious plans to renew Australia with climate solutions.

Header image: Twelve Apostle, Victoria, Graham Holtshausen

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