Keeping our community groups healthy, resilient and well-organised makes us powerful for the long term. The Strengthen People Power network is making sure our groups develop leadership, and build strong norms, internal connections and communication - and have fun together too! 

Not a part of the network yet? Join today to get specific training and to connect with others doing this work in their local community group across the country. 

Improving the health of your group

Developing participation in your group

  • Slack. Connect with your group and the wider ACF Community on instant messaging platform Slack.
  • Action Centre. Organise group meetings, send emails to group members and welcome new members.
  • Training Calendar. Sign up for dedicated training on tools and techniques to help your group communicate and take action.
  • ACF Community principles. Check out the community principles and discuss with your group how you want to engage in politics and campaign together.
  • Guide: group structure. Discuss and plan how to share the load across active group members.
  • Worksheet: developing shared group norms. Run a session to develop shared norms for your group, so you can all decide how your group will work together, communicate and make decisions.
  • Worksheet: creating group agreements. Decide and agree how your group will work together.
  • Guide: using Google Drive. Collaborate well by creating and sharing all your documents in one place.
  • Guide: Host a gathering. Organise a social potluck or nature outing to have fun as a group, build relationships and invite new people into the fold.
  • Take care of yourself. Keep your activism sustainable, avoid burnout and build resilience in yourself and group members.

Facilitating great meetings