As extreme heatwaves hit the northern hemisphere and global temperature records break¹, it’s worth remembering that Australia is the world’s biggest exporter of climate-heating fuels, coal and liquified natural gas (LNG). Put simply, Australia’s climate action matters.

That is why we can't allow polluters like Santos and Tamboran Resources to unleash massive new gas projects, like fracking at Beetaloo Basin and the Middle Arm gas export hub in the NT. No matter where it’s burnt, gas dug up in Australia drives climate impacts at home and abroad.

Forty-five incredible NT paediatricians have stepped up to stop these climate bombs, calling out the direct health impacts of fracking the gas on local communities and the climate-fuelled health impacts of burning the gas. The ABC has picked up their story², and now health professionals from across the country are joining them for a Climate & Health Day of Action at Parliament House on Tuesday 8 August.

Now is our chance to back in these important community voices speaking up for bold climate action. Sign the joint letter to stop two climate bombs in the NT before health professionals deliver it to Prime Minister Anthony Albanese in person on 8 August.


Fracking is a process that involves drilling deep into the earth and using explosions and toxic chemicals to extract climate-heating gas. For the communities that live near the Beetaloo Basin, fracking would expose them to carcinogens and a greater risk of health problems like stillbirth and childhood asthma and leukaemia.

Climate change is the biggest health concern of the 21st century. The gas from Beetaloo will be processed and exported at Middle Arm, increasing Australia’s carbon emissions by up to 20% and fuelling more extreme climate impacts.

Fracking the Beetaloo Basin and the Middle Arm gas hub are climate and health disasters, and that’s why health professionals are speaking out.

Independent MP and former paediatric neurologist Monique Ryan told the ABC that "most paediatricians would walk away from active engagement with government on political issues. For these doctors to be doing this really, I think, reflects the extent of their concern and their worry about their patient populations."

This is our chance to back in these incredible health professionals and – as global temperature records break – urge our PM to take bold climate action. Add your name to the joint letter.

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Australia has incredible climate solutions ready to go. We as people from communities across Australia must continue calling on our governments to ramp up investment in renewable energy solutions and stop all new coal and gas projects.

Together we will be heard!


¹ New York Times: ‘Heat records broken across Earth

² ABC News: ‘Paediatricians sign joint letter’ 


Maria Poulos

Parliamentary and Political Relations Manager