17 October 16

Good for the goose: Australia’s please explain on coal

While savaging state governments for strong growth in renewables, the Australian Government has drawn the attention of other countries for its failure to reduce carbon emissions.

07 October 16

It's crunch time for the people in power

Today’s COAG meeting of energy Ministers should work towards a coordinated national plan to transform Australia’s energy system.

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29 September 16

Coal the real culprit for SA storms

The storms show the vulnerability of Australian cities to climate change, not the failures of renewable energy

29 September 16

Joyce's glib assessment that 'accidents will happen' not good enough for Reef

Acting Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce's admission that 'accidents will happen' on the reef provides a compelling argument as why coal and the Great Barrier Reef are a bad mix

08 September 16

Africa Down Under conference and tales of Australian woe in Africa

A mining conference underway in Perth states its aim is to help boost the fortunes of one of the poorest regions on earth. But boost the fortunes for whom?

05 September 16

Global warming is a greater moral challenge than budget repair

Cutting carbon emissions remains one of the key challenges of our time, so why is our government proposing funding cuts to ARENA?

29 August 16

Queensland should cash in on solar jobs boom

In Queensland, 2700 direct jobs would be created if 10 new solar farm projects currently under consideration by the Australian Renewable Energy Agency go ahead. Yet the Federal government is considering cutting vital ARENA funding.

19 August 16

COAG must set Australia on clean energy path

The COAG Energy Council meeting should be used to come up with a plan for Australia to move away from coal to renewable energy.