26 April 16

That was then, this is now

Chernobyl’s legacy and Australia’s uranium

21 April 16

Australia is the hollow man of global climate action

Australia will be among the nations gathered in New York this week to sign onto the Paris climate agreement – but despite seeking to project a perception of credibility on climate, the Turnbull Government is still implementing the retrogressive policies from the Abbott era – and that needs to change.

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08 April 16

Queensland government chooses polluters over people with Adani

Why are the State and Federal government siding with Adani rather than listening to the many Australians who want to protect the Great Barrier Reef, asks Kelly O'Shanassy.

11 March 16

Fukushima five years on and the lessons we failed to learn

After directly fuelling the disaster at Fukushima, Australia should have taken steps to review and reconsider its role in the global nuclear trade

04 March 16

It’s time for Australia to get out of last century’s energy sources

The 10 biggest polluters own 13 coal fired power stations across Australia.

04 March 16

Failed uranium promises highlight need for caution on radioactive waste plans

There’s no market, there’s no expertise, and there’s no need for Australia to become the world’s nuclear waste dump