Money trail and special access linked to mining approvals

29 July 16

Report reveals a web of political donations, special access and secret lobbying behind controversial mining projects. 


Greasing the Wheels

29 July 16

The systemic weaknesses that allow undue influence by mining companies on government: a QLD case study

Don’t blame renewables for South Australia’s price spikes

29 July 16

Global nuclear industry promoters influencing SA nuclear waste plan

27 July 16

Key adviser to SA Royal Commission is a nuclear ‘true believer’ who was behind a failed attempt to open a global radioactive waste dump in Australia in the 1990s.

Busting a few myths about renewable energy and electricity prices in South Australia

21 July 16

Renewable energy is being wrongly blamed for high energy prices in South Australia.

ACF welcomes new Environment Minister

18 July 16

The Australian Conservation Foundation has welcomed Josh Frydenberg as the new Minister for Environment and Energy.

Australia's nuclear powered PR in melt down

15 July 16

Get a placard!

13 July 16