Wondering if political parties have a plan for the things you care about? Here you go – read the official 2016 ACF interactive election scorecard!

We've rated the environmental policies of all political parties against 40 rigorous tests of success. Will they support clean energy, cut pollution and protect our reef?

Get our independent guide to voting for the environment this election.

Explore the ACF scorecard – second edition.


You can dig down through the interactive scorecard to find out how the scores were calculated, and how the parties compare on the environmental issues that matter.

You can also download a printable version to share.

We’ll update the scores before election day to reflect any new policy announcements.

This election, we, the people, will make a choice that will define our future for generations.

Will we elect politicians who only listen to the big polluters who are destroying our reefs? Or will we choose a world powered by clean energy where our reefs and our children can thrive?

Together, our votes are powerful. 

Explore the scorecard

Paul Sinclair

Campaigns Director at the Australian Conservation Foundation.