Our environment and a safe climate can't be held ransom by corporate gas interests.

Resources Minister Madeleine King is making a big play to exempt offshore gas projects from scrutiny under Australia’s nature laws. Gas giants, including Santos, are cheering her on.

This move would sideline the environment minister and silence community and First Nations voices. We can’t let gas companies ghost-write our nature protection laws at the expense of our climate, sea life, and our right to speak up.

We’ve pre-written a letter that you can send as-is or rewrite in your own words. Email Minister King now demanding offshore gas does not get exempt from nature protection laws.

Together, we can get Minister King to back away from this plan before Parliament debates it. Let’s call on her to put people and nature ahead of gas companies’ interests.

To safeguard our climate, whales, and turtles, and to protect First Nations’ rights and Sea Country, offshore gas needs to stay in the seabed. Thanks for speaking up.


Image credit: HeliRy/iStock