Australia’s nature laws are silent on the urgent threats of climate damage and extreme weather to Australian wildlife and places.

Climate doesn't rate a mention in over 1000 pages of law – allowing decision makers to ignore climate harm to nature, and approve or wave through 740 coal or gas mines in just two decades.

The Albanese Government must step up to fix this huge gap harming nature.

With climate damage driving the Great Barrier Reef to bleach and die and fuelling fires and floods decimating the last refuges of endangered animals – we must speak up now to get the Albanese Government to protect nature from climate harm!

Talking points

Use these points to write a quick and impactful message to the Prime Minister. Being polite and having a clear ask helps get your message across.

  • New laws must reject proposals that harm nature through their contribution to climate damage, including new gas wells, coal mine extensions and major land clearings.
  • Crucial threatened species habitat vulnerable to climate extremes must be fully protected under ‘no-go zones’ for new projects, with planning to mitigate and adapt to climate risks.
  • Let’s protect the ecosystems that absorb climate pollution, including by ending native forest logging.
  • The new environmental regulator must have full powers to investigate all matters controlled under nature laws including carbon polluting and emissions reporting.
  • Laws must be capable of responding to climate change impacts, like emergency uplistings of threatened species when significant habitat is impacted by climate-fuelled fires and floods.
  • We need clear outcomes for nature’s protection against climate destruction enshrined in strong National Standards.

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Image: Eastern Grey Kangaroo in burnt woodlands post bushfire. Credit: Anna LoFi/Shutterstock.