We really hoped it wouldn’t come to this.

Adani has just announced a new, desperate plan to pay for its mega-mine.

They already have formal approval to dig 60 million tonnes of coal EVERY YEAR for the next 60 years. Together we have stopped 32 banks from funding them, and stopped our government giving them public money.

But now it looks like they’ve found a way to restructure the project’s plans to pay for it in installments.

This now makes Adani’s devastating mega-mine suddenly MUCH more likely to go ahead.

Adani’s desperately trying to lock this mine in because there’s a federal election looming. They saw what happened in Wentworth and they know climate damage and coal are becoming serious election issues in this country. They know all political parties are grappling with how to respond.

You know what scares Adani? Our elected representatives listening to the people, rising to the occasion and stopping this mine.

So right now, together, we need to show we are the biggest people-powered movement in Australian history and we are unstoppable. We are organised. We are passionate. We are powerful. And we will not go away.

Brace yourselves, Adani. This is just the beginning.

So here’s what we do now. We immediately apply sustained pressure on key decision makers by jamming their phone lines, every hour, every day, for the next fortnight – so they really feel the pressure to stop Adani’s mine for good.

Will you sign up on the roster to make calls?


Each call will only take a minute or two – but when thousands of us coordinate our calls, we can inundate their offices.

We will give you talking points, phone numbers and everything else you need. It’s super easy and you’ll be joining thousands of others to have a huge collective impact.

For the next fortnight, all Scott Morrison, Bill Shorten, Melissa Price and Tony Burke will hear is concerned citizens asking them to stop Adani.

And they must – because burning coal is cooking our planet. Along with Canadian tar sands, fracking in the Amazon and oil drilling in the Arctic, this mine is one of the few projects that profoundly threaten our entire planet.

This would be a crime against humanity and our planet.


At this moment in our history, now is the time for courage and action – for us all to rise up and do everything we can stop Adani.

Sign up to the roster to make coordinated calls to these key decision makers – and together let’s stop this mine once and for all.



Photo: Julian Meehan, Flickr CC

Christian Slattery

Senior Stop Adani Campaigner at the Australian Conservation Foundation