Adani has just announced it has restructured its mega-mine plans so it can pay for it in installments. This makes the devastating mega-mine suddenly MUCH more likely to go ahead.

So right now, together, we need to show we are the biggest people-powered movement in Australian history and we will not go away.

Let’s immediately apply sustained pressure on key decision makers by jamming their phone lines, every hour, every day, for the next fortnight – so they really feel the pressure to stop Adani’s mine for good.

Will you make weekly calls to two of four critical decision makers? We’re calling PM Scott Morrison, Opposition Leader Bill Shorten, Environment Minister Melissa Price and Shadow Environment Minister Tony Burke.

Here's how it works:

  • Once a week, we’ll send you an SMS with a number to call. Call right away, or at a more convenient time later
  • When you call, you'll hear a recorded message with some tips on what to say
  • When you're ready, press 1 to be patched through to your politician's office
  • Have your chat – then get ready for round two: an SMS to make your second call
  • Once again, press 1 to be patched through to your politician and have your second conversation
  • Tell us how it went! We'll SMS you a link so we track our collective impact.