We need laws that protect life, not allow it to be destroyed

Our environment laws are here to protect the air we breathe, the water we drink and the wildlife and places we love.

Yet under these laws today, our governments are allowing companies to mine more, frack faster and dredge deeper with little oversight.

Companies are allowed to pollute our air and water, harm our living planet and damage our climate. They can overuse our oceans and land and drive wildlife to extinction.

The system is not working.

It's time for a new generation of environment laws

Our laws must protect our communities and our reefs, rivers, forests and wildlife from pollution, overuse and extinction. And they must stop climate pollution – now one of the biggest drivers of environmental destruction.

Big polluters must not get away with damaging life. Strong laws give communities a say, not just corporations with deep pockets. They stop the extinction of our wildlife and protect the places we love, rather than gutting them for short-term gain. They make sure no one can damage what sustains us or take more than their fair share.

That's why the Places You Love Alliance and APEEL (Australian Panel of Experts on Environmental Law) have mapped out a blueprint for a new generation of environment laws. 

Laws that will empower our communities, protect our reefs, rivers, forests and wildlife and ensure we have a thriving and sustainable economy that supports the whole web of life.

When our laws fail to protect the air we breathe, our wildlife and the places we love, it is clear the system is failing us.

Conservation status and recovery actions for the Leadbeater’s Possum

Submission on the eligibility of Gymnobelideus leadbeateri (Leadbeater’s Possum) for inclusion on the EPBC Act threatened species list; and on the necessary conservation actions required to recover the species.

Australia’s faunal extinction crisis

Submission to the Environment and Communications References Committee inquiry into Australia’s faunal extinction crisis.

News | 11 September 18

Leaked review reveals Queensland is failing threatened species

An internal review shows there is no overarching state strategy or policy to save Queensland native species.

Fast-tracking extinction: Australia's national environmental law

An area of threatened species habitat larger than the state of Tasmania has been destroyed in just 17 years.

News | 07 September 18

Threatened species habitat the size of Tasmania destroyed since environment law enacted

A new report finds almost all nationally threatened species habitat destruction has occurred without any federal approval or any attempt to seek approval.


Stand against extinction

Ask Prime Minister Scott Morrison and Opposition Leader Bill Shorten to create stronger laws to stop extinction.  

News | 04 September 18

Bid to destroy threatened species habitat on Cape York a test for new minister

Proposed land clearing would threaten the survival of the Golden-shouldered parrot.

News | 03 August 18

Thousands of missing creature alerts

Our community is amazing! 

News | 24 July 18

Minister already has evidence to reject Toondah Harbour high-rise development and protect international wetlands

The Federal Environment Minister has ignored evidence of a significant threat to internationally protected wetlands, koalas and threatened bird species in his decision to progress the Toondah Harbour development proposal.