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ALP takes significant step towards ending extinction crisis

News | 16 December 18

Speak out to end extinction


We need laws that protect life, not allow it to be destroyed

Australia's home to some extraordinary wildlife – like numbats with sticky tongues who eat thousands of termites every day. And swift parrots who dart across Bass Strait in small flocks to find nectar each winter. 

But right now, numbats, swift parrots and nearly 2,000 other Australian animals, plants and ecosystems are at risk of extinction. And it's getting worse. 

Ruthless corporations are destroying forests, rivers, oceans and our climate, catapulting us into an extinction crisis. Our governments must stop them. 

Like us, these creatures and their families are part of our rich but fragile web of life. Break that interconnected web and everything unravels.

It's maddening, because there's a simple solution: New laws to actually protect nature, backed by independent bodies to enforce them.

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It's time for a new generation of environment laws

It should be illegal to make plants and animals extinct. We need laws to safeguard their homes, and funding to restore ecosystems and bring wildlife back from the brink.

These laws must protect our communities and reefs, rivers, forests and wildlife from pollution and harm. They must ensure no one can destroy what sustains us or take more than their fair share. And they must outlaw climate damage.

We need new generation of national laws to protect our living world, not allow it to be destroyed.

That's why the Places You Love Alliance and APEEL (Australian Panel of Experts on Environmental Law) have mapped out a blueprint for a new generation of environment laws that: 

  • Make the federal government responsible for protecting the air we breathe, our wildlife, our climate and the places we love
  • Establish an independent commission to set environmental standards
  • Create an independent national Environmental Protection Authority to make sure governments and businesses do the right thing by nature
  • Guarantee communities the right to have a say in environmental decisions


Here's how you can get involved

Sign the petition to ask Prime Minister Scott Morrison and Opposition Leader Bill Shorten to create stronger laws to stop extinction.

Send a personal email to your MP and ask them to create a new generation of nature laws.

Chip in to power this critical campaign!

When our laws fail to protect the air we breathe, our wildlife and the places we love, it is clear the system is failing us.

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Sign the petition to demand an independent EPA to protect our rivers


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