33,075 people
16,925 needed to reach 50,000

Let's #Repower Australia

Powering our lives with clean energy from the sun and wind just makes sense.

It doesn’t harm our climate, fuel coral bleaching or pollute our air and water. It’s affordable and good for our communities. It’ll create lots of good jobs in new industries with a big future. It already is.

So what's holding us back?

We have abundant sun and wind and all the technology, but right now, the federal government is refusing to lead. 

Sign the petition and call on our elected representatives to #Repower Australia:

  • Source all our power from sun, wind, and water by 2030
  • Phase out polluting coal and gas-fired power and rule out new coal mines or gas fields
  • Help affected workers and communities prepare for jobs with a future
  • Make sure the transition is fair so everyone, everywhere has access to clean renewable energy

Let's demand our elected representatives listen to the people who they represent. 

It’s time for our governments to shift from burning dirty fuels to powering Australia with clean energy with the wind and sun. 

So let's get on with it!