Climate damage stops with us

To make this the climate election, we’re going to need everyone. Regular people stepping out of their comfort zones to make a difference. People like you and me.

Our moment is here, now. Get involved and volunteer from anywhere in Australia.

In Melbourne and Brisbane, we're running field campaigns in three strategic electorates. Join us and talk to people in your community.

People are making calls to voters to talk about why voting climate is so important this election. Join or host a calling party to have a powerful impact.

We'll make sure politicians cannot ignore our call to step up and lead Australia into a clean energy future. Make a meeting with your MP to talk about climate damage. 

Here's the strategy – it's going to take all of us. So let's get to work. 

Some useful reading:

Climate election volunteer update

The momentum is building

Together, we are making the next federal election the climate election. This is not something we will do. We are already doing it.

We've had over 128,000 conversations with people about why this matters.

Over 1,500 people in the ACF Community have stepped up and spoken to friends, neighbours, strangers on the phone and their elected representatives.

Volunteers have led over 200 events right across the country, like doorknocks, surveys, calling parties and MP meetings.

And a whopping seven out of ten people we ask commit their vote for climate.

Together we're building people power to hold our representatives accountable. We will raise our voices and our votes and stop climate damage, here, now.

Climate damage stops with us. HERE. NOW. Let's have a million conversations to make this a massive election issue. Raise your voice and your vote. #HereNow #NoPlanetB

You can be part of this

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