When momentum like this builds, anything is possible.

Where's the campaign at?

When momentum like this builds, anything is possible.

Last month, the people of Wentworth turned their backs on our government’s inaction to stop climate damage – instead, electing a candidate who has committed to stopping Adani and 100% clean energy.

Our allies had thousands of conversations on the streets and phones to elevate climate change as a huge, vote-changing issue. And it worked.

Not that long ago, few would have predicted such an upset for our government. But now, communities are speaking up and showing the parties that without a plan to stop climate damage, they’ll lose crucial votes.

Let’s make the most of this opportunity to shift the politics on climate.

What can we do right now?

Here are two things you can do right now to help build the momentum.

First – make calls!

We have ambitious goals – to get thousands and thousands of people to say they’ll be climate voters at the next election, so we can show the parties this is a huge issue and they have to step up. To do this, we need calling parties every week, across the country.

Interested in hosting a calling party – or want to chat it out? Email Joel at [email protected] and we’ll give you a call!

If you want to build confidence making calls first, there are plenty of opportunities coming up. On Wednesday 7 November, ACF is hosting calling parties in the Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne offices, and online on Zoom – all at the same time! Bring friends!



Second – request a meeting with your MP

Throughout November, ACF volunteers around the country will be meeting with MPs from across the political spectrum.

By the time they return to Parliament on 26 November, we want our elected representatives to be acutely aware that what happened in Wentworth is happening everywhere – people want them to step up with a serious plan to stop climate damage.

Step 1: Request a meeting. Check out our email examples for some inspiration and send it ASAP so you can get one before 26 November!

Step 2: Check out our MP meeting toolkit for tips, resources and a step-by-step guide. You can catch up on last week’s webinar: how to build a relationship with your MPs, and our July webinar with ACF’s Government Relations Manager Saffron Zomer for her insider tips on effective citizen advocacy.

Step 3: Tell us when your meeting is confirmed! Email us at [email protected] with these details: time, date and the name of the MP you’re meeting so we can keep track the politics.

Once you’ve locked in the details, we’ll follow up with you, make sure you’re ready to go and connect you to others in your area who might like to join you.

Making real change takes time. But by working together to have powerful, one-on-one conversations – with people in our communities and our MPs – we can shift the politics towards our vision for a world where our reefs, big old trees, pelicans, possums and communities thrive.

Isabella Morand

ACF Community Organiser in Brisbane