Right across Australia, we’re growing a huge campaign for our planet and the people we love.

We're running a huge national campaign to make the next election the climate election.

Together, we can make stopping climate damage such a big election issue, our next government will have no choice but to step up and act. Here. Now. Not later.

A million conversations

Together, we’re talking to people everywhere about why this matters and inspiring them to use their voices and votes. We will:

  • Move friends, family and neighbours through meaningful conversations in person and on social media
  • Survey people in key places where the vote is close so parties must compete on issues to get elected
  • Call voters at hundreds of volunteer calling parties to reach masses of people with personal conversations

Raise our voices

We’re making sure the politicians who want to represent us know just how many people are prepared to vote to stop climate damage. Together, we will:

  • Demonstrate this is a vote-changer by showing all parties how many people care in each electorate
  • Call on candidates to step up and push their parties to stop climate damage and shift to clean energy
  • Make this campaign visible in streets and in the media to get people talking and show this is a major issue

Use our votes

Together, we’ll tell people everywhere how the parties compare so they know what they’re really voting for. We’ll:

  • Rate the parties’ policies in an independent scorecard to help voters make informed choices
  • Flood key electorates with huge billboards, digital ads and volunteer door-knockers to share the verdict
  • Stand at polling booths across the country to remind people to vote for our planet and the people we love

It's going to take all of us. Join our campaign to have one million conversations about climate damage.


Kelly O’Shanassy

CEO of the Australian Conservation Foundation.