Burning coal is the biggest cause of climate damage in Australia right now.

No ifs or buts about it.

But the coal barons just want to keep making money burning coal – even though they know it’ll wreck unimaginable havoc on our planet and ultimately kill millions of people. 

In the news this morning – Australia’s coal barons have cooked up a $5 million advertising campaign to promote coal. Their strategy? Get a “female ambassador” to invoke “national pride”.

The coal barons are pulling out every dirty trick in the book.

They’ve hired celebrity ad-man Russel Howcroft – media personality from ABC’s Gruen now chief creative officer at PwC – PricewaterhouseCoopers – to orchestrate their climate-wrecking scheme.

And they’ve handpicked young men, and women aged over 40 as campaign targets because they think they’re “soft” and easy to persuade.

Running ad campaigns to promote coal is not just unethical – it’s a crime against our planet and all of humanity.

For decades now, coal lobbyists have bought influence through big spending on ad campaigns which have had a disastrous impact on Australian climate policy. Enough is enough. 

We need to speak out now and disrupt their story before the ad hits our airwaves in September.

Share our video on Facebook to warn everyone about the coal spruikers’ dirty tactic to sway the Australian public and destroy our climate!

Their plan is to spend big on creative and buy access to a big audience to influence public opinion. We can’t stop their big ad buy, but together we can reach hundreds of thousands of Australians before they do.

That way we neutralise their dollars and their pro-coal story before it takes hold.

This ad is a sign of weakness.

More and more Australians understand that coal is killing us. The coal barons know this. That’s why they’re throwing so much money at this ad campaign. They’re desperate.

Together we can stop them.

P.S. PwC talk the talk on climate change, “Sustainability is fast becoming the lens through which a business is judged by its customers, workforce, society, governments and even its investors.” But their decision to advertise coal contradicts everything they say! Tell PwC to dump this multi-million coal ad campaign and be a business leader for climate action in Australia.

Paul Sinclair

Campaigns Director at the Australian Conservation Foundation.