A pollution and extinction crisis threatens the web of life. But people made this crisis, and we can solve it.

This election, our politicians will make a choice that will define our future for generations. Listen to the big polluters who are destroying our reefs? Or choose a more beautiful, thriving world?

Our inbox is overflowing with messages from people who want to make a difference this election.

People are distressed by damage to our reef, the alarming autumn heat, the climate policy inertia. And at our recent Count Me In events, people told me they want to connect and keep the conversation going.

That's why I’m so excited to invite you to be part of the next step in our election campaign. Starting on Sunday June 5, World Environment Day, people in neighbourhoods across the country are gathering to share our hopes, hone our best ideas, and craft a plan for working together to ask candidates to lift their game on energy, pollution and nature.

Can you host a meet-up so that people in your electorate have a chance to work together at this critical time? Sure, tell me about hosting. 

People's Climate March Melbourne. Photo: James Thomas.

I promise it'll inspire you.

The only way we are going to win the change we need is to develop the capacity of lots and lots of people to lead. Little acts and big acts of leadership stitched together really start to add up to a powerful force.

As a meet-up host, we're asking you to:

  • Hold a local face to face meeting in a cafe, community centre or living room.
  • Recruit your networks to the meet-up. Invite friends, family, neighbours and community members in your electorate.
  • Use the meet-up to plan activities to put the environment on the agenda this election.
  • Be non-partisan – treating candidates from all parties equally, with a focus always on our environmental purpose.

You don’t need any special skills, just the desire to make a difference and be an active citizen. My team will help hosts with action kits, materials, puns and memes, a meeting agenda and promotion.

Every day, ACF supporters tell us you want to leave a better world for your grandchildren. You want the incredible diversity of life to thrive, not because it might make someone money one day, but for its own sake.

You can help make that happen with a conversation among friends and neighbours at hundreds of ACF local meet-ups in June.

Can you host a meet-up? Yes, I can host!

Kathryn McCallum

Communications and Mobilisation Manager at the Australian Conservation Foundation. Hiker, story-teller, loves mountains, rivers and beaches. Believes in people power and civic action.