The Australian Conservation Foundation has welcomed Josh Frydenberg as the new Minister for Environment and Energy.

“I would like to welcome Josh Frydenberg to the role of Minister for Environment and Energy,” said ACF’s CEO Kelly O’Shanassy.

“Australia’s coal powered energy is polluting and contributes to global warming, which is dangerous to people and our environment.

“Making the transition to clean energy is the solution, so it makes sense to have a single minister responsible for environment and energy.

“This year’s mass bleaching of the Great Barrier Reef – a direct result of warmer seas – has provided a stark wake-up call that climate change is hitting Australia hard and we must quickly shift our energy systems from dirty to clean.

“That means phasing out coal fired power stations in an orderly manner, replacing them with clean energy and helping affected workers and communities with the transition.

“The single biggest thing Minister Frydenberg can do for our beautiful environment and the people and the places Australians love is to establish a national plan to rapidly clean up Australia’s energy supplies.

“ACF looks forward to working constructively with Minister Frydenberg on these important national issues.

“ACF wishes the outgoing Environment Minister, Greg Hunt, all the best in his new endeavour as Minister for Industry, Innovation & Science.”

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