Watch the video to see how your voice reaches decision makers.

UPDATE: This petition has continued to rise as plans to ship, store and bury much of the world’s radioactive waste in South Australia have gone quiet. Our community voice is making a difference!

I was proud to walk into the South Australian Premier’s office with Traditional Owners and environmental allies to deliver over 35,000 signatures, letters and postcards.

Your voice is part of a huge groundswell of community opposition to the plan to ship, store and bury a third of the world’s radioactive waste in South Australia.

Watch the video of the petition handover with Premier Jay Weatherill to see how your voice reaches decision makers.

First, over two-thirds of the Citizen's Jury asked to deliberate on the plan unequivocally rejected it ‘under any circumstances.’

Then tens of thousands of people signed our petition to Premier Jay Weatherill.

Together, our community put this issue front and centre. Thanks so much.

But this zombie waste is not dead, nor is the push to dump it. Premier Weatherill listened to us but he’s still pursuing this plan and keeping the ‘conversation’ open.

Until Jay Weatherill finally closes the door on this risky radioactive plan, we will be keeping our eyes and this petition open. You can still share the petition with friends.

We’ve made huge momentum but we still have further to go.

Thanks for your tireless efforts for our shared future.

Dave Sweeney

Nuclear free campaigner, Australian Conservation Foundation.