16 December 16

Regina McKenzie, Flinders Ranges

"We don’t want a nuclear waste dump on our country and worry that if the waste comes it will harm our environment and muda (our lore, creation)"

30 November 16

Major parties push a losing uranium sector to India at great risk

With little fuss or fanfare, Australia's two major parties have this week passed an innocuous enough sounding law with very far reaching implications.

28 November 16

On shaky ground: Australian uranium and Fukushima

THE powerful earthquake that struck off the coast of Fukushima prefecture in Japan last week, is a stark reminder of the deep and continuing safety concerns following the 2011 nuclear disaster.

24 November 16

Uranium deal between Australia and Ukraine a bad idea

Auranium sales deal between the country that fuelled Fukushima and the one that gave the world Chernobyl doesn’t sound like a good one. And it’s not.

14 November 16

‘It’s only a flesh wound’ – Premier gets it wrong on radioactive waste

Wasted opportunity: Premier refuses to close door on unwelcome plan.

Tell Bill Shorten – no radioactive waste in SA

Tell federal Labor leader Bill Shorten to stand by Labor’s clear position against importing and dumping international radioactive waste.
11 November 16

Community joins with Citizen Jury in saying NO to global radioactive waste plan

Big petition calls on SA Premier Weatherill to dump nuclear waste plan.

09 November 16

Citizens’ Jury into SA nuclear waste dump must be respected

LAST weekend a diverse group of South Australians made a decision that will resonate for many thousands of years. This decision was clear, considered and welcome. And now it needs to be respected.

19 October 16

Listen to Dave Sweeney discuss the proposed Flinders Ranges national nuclear waste dump

The federal government has chosen a site in the Flinders Ranges in South Australia as its preferred location for a national nuclear waste dump. In this interview, ACF's nuclear free campaigner explains what's going on.