29 July 18

Overnight export of nuclear waste through Sydney highlights need for proper management regime

The Federal Government has not solved the complex management issues with nuclear waste, merely bought some time.

No radioactive waste dump in Kimba or Flinders Ranges

Petitioning South Australian Premier Steven Marshall

21 June 17

Treaties Committee nuclear fast-track cuts corners and lacks evidence

Propping up nuclear research is not consistent with clear action to address nuclear non-proliferation, energy transition or climate change.

14 June 17

Ukraine uranium sales plan: Unreasonable, unstable and unsafe

Australia, the nation that fuelled Fukushima, should not sell uranium to the country that gave us Chernobyl.

09 June 17

Huge nuclear free win – we stopped the global dump

A huge win for people power over toxic power!

07 June 17

Global radioactive waste dump plan is "dead"

ACF welcomes waste dump dumping.