Conversations are powerful. People remember a genuine and personal conversation for months, even years! Let's set the election agenda so stopping climate damage is a huge issue. Our voices will rumble from our communities all the way to Parliament House. 

Raise our voices

We’re making sure politicians know just how many people we're talking to. Together, we will:

  • Demonstrate this is a vote-changer by showing all parties how many people care in each electorate
  • Call on candidates to step up and push their parties to stop climate damage and shift to clean energy
  • Make this campaign visible in streets and in the media to get people talking and show this is a major issue

Use our votes

Together, we’ll tell people how the parties compare so they know what they’re really voting for. We'll:

  • Rate the parties' policies in an independent scorecard to help voters make informed choices
  • Flood key electorates with huge billboards, digital ads and volunteer door-knockers to share the verdict
  • Stand at polling booths across the country to remind people to vote for our planet and the people we love

So let's get to work. We need to have tens of thousands of conversations in key electorates to make stopping climate damage a major voting issue.

Join a local doorknock in key electorates or join or host a local calling party to have meaningful, powerful conversations with people about why voting to stop climate damage matters.