We can’t wait another three years for our elected representatives to get their act together.

We know that conversations are the most powerful way to and motivate people to vote and act. In the lead up to the next election, we’re talking to people everywhere about why stopping climate damage matters and inspiring them to use their voices and voices. We’re aiming for a million conversations.

That’s why in the run up to the next federal election, we’re having conversations with people on their doorsteps about why climate damage matters – and how they can use their voices and votes to choose a government with the courage and vision to stop it.

Right now, teams of volunteers are doorknocking in these key electorates to make stopping climate damage a major voting issue.

Will you join a community doorknock near you? Sign up below!


Mansfield – Mansfield  Tavern, Sunday 18 November at 1pm – RSVP NOW

Mount Gravatt – Mount Gravatt Hotel, Saturday 24 November at 1pm – RSVP NOW

Lota (Bayside) – Boxhead Park, Sunday 2 December at 1pm – RSVP NOW


Box Hill – Aqualink Cafe, Saturday 17 November at 9:30am – RSVP NOW

If you’re reading this thinking it makes sense but it’s not for you, I know exactly how you feel – because a few years ago I was in your shoes too. I was nervous when I signed up to my first doorknock, but I'm so glad I did! I met heaps of other nervous newbies who were challenging themselves to do what needs to be done even if it seems scary.

And when I started speaking to people on their doorsteps I realised just how many people out there care too, and that gave me hope.

So even if you’re feeling a bit nervous, join us!

We’ll make sure you have all the materials, training and team support you need to have a fun day making a difference.

Want to practice having conversations with your friends, family and neighbours? Take a sneak peek at the doorknock script!


Isabella Morand

ACF Community Organiser in Brisbane