Wasted opportunity: Premier refuses to close door on unwelcome plan.

SA Premier Jay Weatherill’s decision to keep pursuing the unpopular plan to ship, store and bury high level international radioactive waste in South Australia is deeply disappointing and divisive, the Australian Conservation Foundation said.

“Premier Weatherill had an opportunity today to make sure a bad idea doesn’t become a forever mistake, but he opted to continue with the stress and division caused by this proposal,” said ACF nuclear free campaigner Dave Sweeney.

“Today was the day the Premier should have accepted that this controversial proposal does not enjoy community support.  

“The Citizens’ Jury, a body established by the Premier, gave this plan a clear red light.

“Today was the day to understand that no means no.

“Unfortunately the Premier doesn’t seem prepared to accept either the jury’s decision or the reality that there is no state or federal bi-partisan political support for this risky idea.

“South Australia can do far better than be a dumping ground for some of the world’s longest lived and most dangerous poisons.

“ACF will continue to work with South Australians who want a bright future, not a glowing one.

“We will support Aboriginal people who want to protect their country and communities from the threat of radioactive waste.”

On Friday last week ACF joined with other environment groups and Aboriginal leaders to present Premier Weatherill with more than 35,000 objections to the dump.

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