In response to the Queensland Premier’s letter vetoing any loan to Adani’s polluting coal project from the Northern Australia Infrastructure Facility, Australian Conservation Foundation campaigner, Basha Stasak, said:

“We welcome Premier Palaszczuk’s decision to veto a federal handout for Adani. This follows a clear message from Queensland voters at the election that they do not support public funding for Adani’s dirty coal mine.

“This should mark a clear moment of change in Australia. Burning coal pollutes our planet. It is accelerating climate change and damaging our Great Barrier Reef.

“Governments should not be encouraging the digging up and burning of more coal. Killing this loan is where we should draw the line and accelerate the transition to clean energy.

“Public money from the Northern Australian Infrastructure Facility can now be put towards growing opportunities in northern Australia that will create high paying jobs in solar energy, education and tourism instead of on a polluting coal mine.

“More than two million Australians have already taken action to halt Adani’s polluting coal mine and the Stop Adani movement will only continue to grow. The majority of Australians oppose this mine and it is now incumbent on our elected representatives to stop this damaging coal mine go ahead.”

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