The federal government has chosen a site in the Flinders Ranges in South Australia as its preferred location for a national nuclear waste dump. In this interview, ACF's nuclear free campaigner explains what's going on. 

Dave Sweeney, ACF’s nuclear free campaigner, describes what’s happening at Wallerberdina Station, near Barndioota in South Australia’s Flinders Ranges.

The area has been home to the Adnyamathanha people and their ancestors for thousands of years. But Grant Chapman, a former Liberal Party senator who holds a pastoral lease at Wallerberdina, plans to on-sell the land so the federal government can build a national facility to store nuclear waste that stays radioactive for thousands of years.

In the interview, Dave discusses:

  • Why has this site been chosen?
  • What is the country like?
  • What sort of waste would be stored there?
  • Who are the people pushing for this site – and what are their connections?
  • How can a person who leases a place offer up that place for an activity that has an impact that would extend far beyond the life of the lease?
  • What are the Aboriginal traditional owners doing to try to stop this proposal?
  • What is ACF doing?



Dave Sweeney

Nuclear free campaigner, Australian Conservation Foundation.