ACF response to NEG consultation paper

16 February 18

The Turnbull Government is planning to lock-in a dangerously weak pollution reduction target for electricity.


Clean Energy Finance Corporation statutory review

16 February 18

Submission to the Department of the Environment and Energy conducting a statutory review of the operation of the Clean Energy Finance Corporation.

NSW Government’s Murray-Darling Basin Plan withdrawal threat shows it’s in bed with big irrigators

15 February 18

NSW must implement the Basin Plan in full and on time, protect water for rivers and stop dodgy dealings on the Murray-Darling

Senate protects Murray-Darling water recovery

14 February 18

Proposed water recovery cuts would have been devastating for the Darling River system and communities downstream of Bourke.

Misrepresented endangered species spending needs independent audit

14 February 18

Some claimed threatened species programs are instead restoring historic ships, weeding bike paths and funding other unrelated activities.

ACF Community February webinar - View recording

13 February 18

Basin Plan amendments must be rejected until environmental benefits can be guaranteed: ACF

06 February 18

We're changing the story across the Basin

05 February 18