The Australian Conversation Foundation (ACF) has congratulated the International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons (ICAN) for winning the Nobel Peace Prize and said it should spur the Australian Government to drop its opposition to the historic nuclear weapons ban treaty.

ICAN was initially founded in Australia, emerging in part from talks among a group of campaigners in the Melbourne suburb of Carlton a decade ago. Among them was ACF nuclear free campaigner and ICAN board member, Dave Sweeney. ACF is a proud partner organisation of ICAN.

“This is an extraordinary moment for the nuclear free movement and due recognition for the tireless work of thousands of people across the planet to rid humanity of its most destructive weapons,” Mr Sweeney said.

“Since 2007 ICAN has been instrumental in the drive towards a global ban on nuclear weapons.

“Over 120 countries have now supported the landmark nuclear weapon ban treaty. Sadly, Australia is not one of them.

“Australia does not have nuclear weapons, but the Australian people are threatened by their existence. Australia is on the wrong side of history as the Turnbull Government seems determined to side with the nuclear powers rather than the peace and safety of humanity.

 “ICAN has deservedly won a Nobel. Now the Australian Government’s challenge is to act nobly.”

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