There are millions of Australians who are upset with the federal government’s negligent response and will oppose this mine every step of the way.

In response to reports Adani is only weeks away from a final investment decision on its polluting Carmichael coal mine, Australian Conservation Foundation Chief Executive Officer, Kelly O’Shanassy, said:

“Today’s news is a direct challenge to our elected representatives, many of whom did not believe the Adani coal mine would happen – will you side with the millions of people who oppose it and want our Great Barrier Reef and precious clean water protected? Or will you back the profits of a billionaire coal company that has a long history of causing pollution?

“The Adani mine will open one of the world’s last untouched coal basins right when the world’s top climate change scientists are warning that we must urgently stop burning coal if we want to save the Great Barrier Reef and ensure our planet is a safe and harmonious place to live.

“The Adani coal mine will drain billions of litres of water from Queensland’s precious water aquifers and threaten the Great Artesian Basin. Top groundwater experts say the so-called ‘strictest conditions in history’ applied to this mine aren’t worth the paper they’re written on.

“Queensland is suffering through a historic drought and other states have been ravaged by unseasonable bushfires and extreme weather. It is inconceivable that our federal politicians would continue to support a coal mine that will turbo-charge this climate damage.

“A few weeks ago, voters in Wentworth made it very clear that parties without strong climate policies will suffer electoral consequences. Strong climate policy means a commitment to stop Adani’s polluting mine and transition Australia from coal.

“The Stop Adani campaign is the biggest environmental movement in Australian history. Across the country, there are millions of people who are upset with their government’s negligent response and will oppose this mine every step of the way.”

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