What is ACF’s correct legal name, ABN and address?

What is ACF’s correct legal name, ABN and address? 

Australian Conservation Foundation, ABN 22 007 498 482, Level 1, 60 Leicester Street, Carlton VIC 3053.

What is ACF’s DGR and taxation status?

What is ACF’s DGR and taxation status? 

The Australian Conservation Foundation is registered as a deductible gift recipient. 

ACF receives the Income Tax Exemption, GST Concession and FBT Rebate. ACF’s ABN Lookup page can be accessed here.

How can I ensure my wishes are upheld?

How can I ensure my wishes are upheld?

We recommend that you seek independent professional legal advice when preparing or updating your will. Professional advice is the best way to ensure that your intentions will be upheld and that your estate will be distributed correctly.

If you need a solicitor, the law society in your state or territory can refer you to one.

What kind of gifts can I leave to ACF?

Residual gift 

A residual gift allows you to provide for your family and friends first before leaving the remainder of your estate to ACF. The value of a residual gift is determined after loved ones have been provided for and all expenses and claims have been paid. As your estate increases in value, so does your gift to ACF. Inflation will not diminish the value of a residual gift. 

Percentage or nominated portion 

You can divide your estate amongst a number of people and/or organisations. Your gift to ACF can be a percentage or proportion of the whole of your estate, or of what is left over (the residue) after individual gifts have been made.  

If you feel undecided about leaving a bequest in your will to ACF because you are unsure how much money will be available in the future, a residuary gift or nominated percentage can overcome this hurdle. There is no need to nominate a specific value for your gift. 

Specific gift or asset 

You can leave a specific asset such as property or shares to ACF. Gifts of shares and other property do not attract Capital Gains Tax for ACF or the estate. ACF can also be the beneficiary of a life insurance policy or superannuation fund. 


Establishing a trust in your will allows a spouse or other nominated person to use your property and to receive income derived from your estate during their lifetime, after which time the property can pass to ACF. 

Cash sum 

You can leave a specific cash sum of your choosing to ACF. Any amount, regardless of its size, is integral to funding the work that we do. If you decide to leave a specific amount, please note that in the time between making your will and when the sum is received by ACF, the value of the gift can be diminished by inflation, or not have grown in value in the same way as a percentage or residual of your estate. 

If you would like to talk to us about specific will wording, please contact us on 1800 223 669 or [email protected]

Can I include a gift to ACF if I have already prepared my will?

If you have already prepared your will, you can still include a gift to ACF by making an amendment to your will, also known as a codicil. A legal professional can assist in drafting a codicil to ensure your wishes are documented correctly.

For substantial changes to your will a legal professional may recommend preparing a new will, and sometimes this can be just as cost effective as preparing a codicil.

Can I specify that my gift be used for a specific purpose?

ACF’s campaigns and programs are developed with deep consideration into how we can be most effective and impactful, and adapt over time to changing environmental, political and societal contexts.

Given your gift may not be realised for many years into the future, we cannot guarantee what campaigns and activities we will be pursuing at the time your will comes into effect. While you are free to direct your gift towards a particular purpose, there is always a risk that we will be unable to accept the gift if we cannot apply it in the way you’ve set out in your will.

It is for this reason that we suggest you do not limit your gift by making it for a specific purpose. A flexible bequest will achieve maximum impact, because even if it isn’t realised for decades to come, it can be directed towards issues of the greatest urgency where funds are needed most.

The team at ACF is so grateful for the trust our donors place in us to make the most impactful use of their donations.

Do I need to tell ACF about my bequest?

Although there is no obligation, by notifying us of your intentions, you provide ACF with an opportunity to thank you for your gift and make more accurate plans for the future. Confidentiality will be respected at all times.

Can I leave my superannuation?

While it is possible to leave your superannuation to ACF, it will not automatically form part of your estate as beneficiaries of superannuation are typically nominated through your super fund. We recommend speaking with a legal or financial professional should you be interested in nominating your super to your estate to ensure your wishes are upheld.

Will there be any issues if my will excludes family members?

If your will excludes a family member, this could have a major impact on how your estate is distributed and the extent to which your wishes are carried out.

Disputed estates and family testator claims have been increasing in recent years. We always recommend that you seek independent legal advice to address any potential issues that may arise.

For further information, please call us on 1800 223 669 or email [email protected]

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