stop adani 31 March 2017

Watch the trailer: Guarding the Galilee Documentary

The Guarding the Galilee documentary launches in April 2017 and is available at no cost for community screenings. To host a screening in your community, stay tuned and we'll share the resources. 

Want to host a screening?

Recruit a few friends who’d like to help, decide when and where you’ll hold your first group meeting and add your event to our events page using the ‘host your own event’ button. The ACF community in your area will see it. 

We’ll cross-post your event to the #StopAdani website so the whole collaboration can see it too!

When you register a local event on ACF’s website, we’ll mail you a #StopAdani pack full of stickers and posters and flyers to use locally. We’ll also send you a toolkit – a practical guide to running a local group and a local campaign to get out of coal and into clean energy. And we’ll follow up and help you recruit people.

There are four steps to register your event:

  1. Create an account on the ACF website.
  2. Click the link in the email you get to activate your account. Create a username and click ACTIVATE ACCOUNT.
  3. Go to our,au/events and click HOST YOUR OWN EVENT
  4. Enter the event details and click SAVE AND POST.

Then share the link and start recruiting!

Stay tuned and we’ll let you know when the Guarding the Galilee documentary and supporting materials are available so you can organise a screening locally.

There are already a variety of materials online, ready for you to download, and use in your community. Head to the #StopAdani site to get your materials now!

Kathryn McCallum

Communications and Mobilisation Manager at the Australian Conservation Foundation. Hiker, story-teller, loves mountains, rivers and beaches. Believes in people power and civic action.