Protecting our forests and wildlife for generations to come

Stand under one of the tall Mountain Ash trees that cloak Victoria’s central highlands and look up. These giants are the tallest flowering trees in the world. Their hollows are homes to critically endangered Leadbeater's Possums and Greater Gliders. 

Part of the life-giving Great Dividing Range, these magnificent old-growth forests are the lungs of our land. They filter the air we breathe and purify the water we drink. They're a pivotal link in a 3,600 kilometre-long lifeline that stretches the length of the Great Dividing Range.

They’re a refuge for our threatened wildlife and a playground for our communities.

But right now, logging companies are clear-felling these forests – bulldozing ancient tree after ancient tree to make copy paper.

And our environment laws are not strong enough to stop them. 

This can't go on. We must protect these forests.

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A new National Park

The Victorian government can start by creating the Great Forest National Park, which will connect and protect 355,000 hectares of tall mountain ash forests in the Central Highlands of Victoria.

A new national park will help protect the critically endangered Leadbeater’s Possum. It will safeguard the purity of our water catchments, decrease the intensity of devastating bushfires and give everyone an incredible natural playground just an hour from the city.

We love our unique forests and want to see them protected. That's why we’ve taken a seat at the historic Forest Industry Taskforce alongside other environment, union and industry groups. Together, we are coming together to find a way forward for Victoria’s forests.


Take Action

Read the latest news and find out how you can help create Great Forest National Park.

News | 27 March 18

Small step forward for Victorian forests, but habitat destruction continues

RFAs review welcome, but magnificent tall forests will continue to be clear-felled, bulldozed and burnt it is underway.

Ask Premier Andrews to protect our great forests

Let's protect Victoria's tall trees and threatened wildlife for all Australians.
News | 26 October 17

Polling reveals Great Forest National Park could swing Northcote by-election

Overwhelming majority of Northcote voters support the creation of the Great Forest National Park

News | 05 July 17

Big old trees: life cycles, time scales, meaning and growth

A compelling look at our beloved trees and the need to act now to save Victoria's mountain ash forests and the life they support. 

News | 02 May 17

Victorian national parks budget funding should go to establishing Great Forest National Park

Funding for Victoria’s parks, reserves and new tree plantations is welcome. The Andrews Government must also create the Great Forest National Park.

News | 27 February 17

Watch the video: Devastating new footage exposes the scale of logging east of Melbourne

Volunteer citizen scientists film vulnerable and endangered animals in logging coupes.

News | 26 February 17

After logging started, they found this

Near the famous 350-year-old Ada tree, Vicforests just clear-felled magnificent mountain ash forest. Volunteers from Wildlife of the Central Highlands searched all night to find a critically endangered Leadbeater's Possum in the logging coup. It's time for the Victorian Premier to protect our tall forests in a great new national park.

News | 03 February 17

Victorian government has one year to reform logging industry

Regional Forest Agreements are flawed and should be replaced