Note: the minimum donation amount is $5

The tall mountain ash forests in the Central Highlands of Victoria are a refuge for our threatened wildlife. You can make sure our unique forests and wildlife are connected and protected for generations to come.

Donations from people like you power our campaigns to protect our forests and build a blueprint for a new generation of environmental laws. Your gift will help:

  • Direct a powerful, united voice at the Victorian government so they step up and create the Great Forest National Park.
  • Develop a new generation of strong environmental laws to protect our forests and critters from logging and further habitat-loss. 
  • Advocate for the institutions, policies and laws that will protect critical forests and water, not just in one place, but across the whole country.

These magnificent old-growth forests are the lungs of our land. They filter the air we breathe and purify the water we drink. Their hollows are home to threatened wildlife. They must be protected.

You can make a one-off gift to power this and other critical work today. Or choose to a give a regular monthly gift to help tackle the big structural changes needed to deliver long-term, sustainable solutions.