The results from the biggest ever climate poll in Australian history have just been published. 

It shows the support for ambitious climate action in Australia has never been stronger, and that the major parties are out of step with what we want.

Together we can get every federal Member of Parliament to see the poll results right now! Choose what you think is the most important finding of the climate poll to share with your MP, and forward them a quick pre-written email now.

With a federal election fast approaching, now is our chance to show them just how important climate action is to the people they represent.

Your poll result options

  • Rural Australia wants climate action. A majority of people living in rural Australia (57%) are not satisfied that the PM’s commitment to net zero by 2050 is enough action.
  • Climate action will make our economy stronger. A majority of people in every federal electorate believe the economy will become stronger by taking greater climate action. 
  • Government's targets are 'too little, too late'. 6-out-of-10 Australians are not convinced the Prime Minister’s commitment to net zero by 2050 is enough action.
  • We love natrue as a climate solution. Stronger national environment laws to strengthen nature’s ability to store climate pollution is in our top two priorities for greater climate action.
  • Climate action will benefit our health. A majority of voters in all 151 federal electorates believe taking great action on climate change will lead to health benefits for them personally.
  • Young people rank climate as top concern. For the 1.63 million young people aged 18 to 24 enrolled to vote, climate change is one of the two most important issues determining how they will vote on election da
  • We want our government to invest in greater climate action. Almost half of the country (48%) supports greater action on climate change because the benefits outweigh any costs involved.