Australia's nature laws have not been updated for over 23 years.

Nature is in crisis and our current laws are powerless to stop it. That’s why it’s important we get it right for future generations and the places we love.


Our national nature laws are broken

They’re not up to the job of protecting our unique and precious wildlife and places. These laws are too weak to stop logging companies from bulldozing critically important forests or preventing coal companies from digging mines that pollute our air and water. They don’t even mention ‘climate change’.

The Albanese government has been working to overhaul these laws, but they recently announced the long-promised reforms will be delayed, and the package will be split up. 

With your help, we can make sure these laws actually protect nature. Together we must compel our government to fully reform our nature laws. Call on our Prime Minister to stick to his commitments and protect our precious places and wildlife.

Call for stronger nature laws

What is the EPBC Act?

The Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999 (EPBC Act) is the central piece of Australia’s environmental protection framework. Introduced by the Howard Government, the Act came into effect in July 2000.

The EPBC Act is meant to protect nationally significant places, ecosystems and wildlife – like world heritage sites, species at risk of extinction, the Great Barrier Reef marine park and internationally significant wetlands.

Any new projects that may impact these things must get the go-ahead from the Federal Environment Minister. Now over two-decades old, the EPBC has failed to stop nature and wildlife being destroyed, putting Australian nature in a state of crisis.

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How have weak nature laws impacted us?

Since our national nature laws were established, more than 7.7 million hectares of threatened species’ habitat has been destroyed. They are barely monitored, rarely enforced and full of loopholes allowing businesses to destroy nature – leading to Australia becoming a global deforestation hotspot and world record holder for the most mammal extinctions. These weak laws have had impacts across the country and devastating effects on the nature we love, our way of life, and our health.

Weak laws have led to:

- A 60% loss of koala populations in New South Wales which has led to the species being listed as endangered in the state.

-740 fossil fuel projects given the go-ahead since this legislation was passed.

- A rocket launching facility built on critical habitat for the endangered southern emu-wren at Whalers Bay in South Australia.

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What new nature laws need to deliver?

ACF is calling on the government to deliver eight priorities for our new nature laws: 

Ask 1. A new overarching legal framework for nature protection 

Ask 2. Strong and legally enforceable National Environmental Standards

Ask 3. An independent and well-funded National Environmental Protection Agency 

Ask 4. Prevention of climate harm

Ask 5. Community trust and confidence in national environmental laws

Ask 6. Protection of threatened species and their habitat

Ask 7. Nuclear responsibility and protection

Ask 8. Laws that respect and acknowledge the knowledge and aspirations of Australia's First Nations

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