ACF statement on the 2019 federal election result

In response to the re-election of the Morrison Government, the Australian Conservation Foundation’s (ACF) Chief Executive Officer, Kelly O’Shanassy, said:

“ACF congratulates Prime Minister Scott Morrison and the Coalition on their re-election to government.

“It would be disingenuous to suggest many in the conservation movement, including ACF, believed the Morrison Government offered to the electorate the most responsible response to climate change and the rapid decline of nature. It would also be wrong to second guess the clear democratic decision of the Australian people.

“However, it is a problem that the major political party that won this election did not put forward substantive climate change policies at the same time the scientific evidence is very clear that only a rapid transition, including halting the expansion of coal exploitation like the Adani mine, is needed to keep global warming at relatively safe levels.

“And it is a problem that the major political party that won this election did not put forward substantive nature protection policies just weeks after a landmark global scientific report warned biodiversity is declining at such a rapid rate it risks human society.

“At some point Australia must reconcile the action needed to halt the climate crisis and crash of nature with our deficient national plans and policies.

“It is incumbent on all Australians – including the broader community, business, conservation groups, farmers and the re-elected Morrison government – to address this deficit and approach our environmental problems with reinvigorated and stronger action than is currently on the table.

“To those in the community who care deeply about climate action, especially those children who have attended school strikes over the last year, it is worth remembering that progress is being made even if sometimes it doesn’t seem like it.

“Investors are largely shunning new thermal coal projects. Renewable energy costs are falling rapidly. And more and more Australians are saying they are worried about climate change – even if that didn’t translate into votes in enough electorates at this federal election.”

ACF Media Enquiries

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