Care about our living world and want to make a difference? Become an ACF workplace giver today. Workplace giving is a simple way to support ACF’s work by making regular pre-tax donations through your employer’s payroll system.

What are the benefits of a workplace giving program?

Workplace giving programs help our living world and benefit the employee and employer.

It’s a simple, no-fuss way to donate, and you may not even notice the small difference to your pay – but your ongoing commitment helps us plan our campaigns with confidence. Because your donations come from your pre-tax pay, your tax deduction is immediate and you don’t need to worry about keeping and claiming receipts.

Workplace giving also maximises the value of your gift to the places and wildlife we love by reducing our administration costs.

For your company, the program demonstrates your seriousness about social environmental responsibility. Workplace giving brings staff together to take shared action on the important issues impacting on their lives and their communities. As well as boosting morale and loyalty, the program makes a significant contribution to a healthier environment. Some employers also choose to match employee’s donations — a great way to lead by example and encourage staff to give.

For further information, free call ACF on 1800 223 669 (1800 ACF NOW) or email us today.

Thank you. From every living thing.