Australian Conservation Foundation Chief Executive Officer, Kelly O’Shanassy, said:

“The voters of Wentworth sent a stinging and unmistakeable message to the Morrison Government: if you try to ignore climate change, there are political consequences.

“In 2018 it’s completely unacceptable for a major political party to seek the support of the community without a strong climate policy.

“Far from ‘doing enough’ on climate change, voters have told the Morrison Government it should dramatically lift its game on this most important of national issues before it faces the wider Australian community in the upcoming Federal Election.

“Concern about the Morrison Government’s lack of policies to halt climate damage was the topic that dominated community forums, doorknocks and candidates’ street walks.

“In contrast, Dr Phelps supports the replacement of dirty coal-fired power stations with clean renewable energy and opposes subsidies for Adani’s proposed mega coal mine.

“ACF was pleased to work collaboratively with many other community groups to give voice to the people of Wentworth’s serious concerns about lack of action on climate change.”

During the campaign a landmark report prepared by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change – and quickly dismissed by senior members of the Morrison Government – outlined the damage that will occur to our communities, natural world and infrastructure if the planet heats up beyond 1.5 degrees and we continue to burn coal past its use-by date.

ANU analysis of climate model projections showed that if we don’t stop runaway climate change, communities in Wentworth will experience unrecognisable seasons by 2050.

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