All across the country, ACF volunteers are taking action in their local communities to solve the climate and nature crisis. Want to join them and be part of creating a thriving world, securing big wins for this incredible planet? You can get involved by joining a local group, uncovering nature destruction with the ACF Investigates project, running community fundraisers – and more!

Australia’s big backyard is incredible – it’s home to amazing plants, places and wildlife found nowhere else on earth. But nature here is also in trouble, from deforestation and extreme fires, floods and droughts fuelled by climate change.

People made this crisis – and together we can solve it. Together we can shift business and governments so that they get on with restoring nature and creating a world where people, communities and wildlife thrive.

Join an ACF Community group

There are 42 local ACF Community groups – and counting – right across Australia. Join your local group to meet like-minded people face-to-face, run local campaigns to protect nature, and learn new skills like how to engage and influence your Member of Parliament (MP).

Want to get involved? Look through our map to find your local ACF Community group then fill in your details. Your local group leader will be in touch with you soon.

Six people standing in front of a green marque. The people are smiling and looking at the camera, each holding a yellow sign that reads Climate Action Now in black writing. Brisbane group members hosting a community stall at a Midnight Oil concert in 2022. Photo credit: Matt Vaughan.

Organise a community fundraiser

ACF’s work to speak up for a world where nature thrives is funded by tens of thousands of Australians. Join them by starting your own community fundraiser.

A community fundraiser can take many different forms – pick something that is fun and inspiring to you! Community members have fundraised through activities as varied as running events, bake sales, weddings, tree planting days and potluck dinners. Check out the community fundraising toolkit for lots more information.

Ready to get started? Bree Jopp, ACF’s Community Fundraising Coordinator, is here to help. Fill in the sign up form or send her an email with your details and your community fundraising idea.

Two young people are standing behind a long table covered in cupcakes, pineapples, kale, flowers and other goods. There are posters of animals and forests attached to the front of the table. Two young kids are standing to their left. On their right a person is face painting another child's face. The Gole family and friends at their regular market stall community fundraiser for ACF. Photo credit: Ali Sanderson.

Attend a local event

Joining an event is a helpful first step to meet others in ACF Community groups, hear more about local campaigns, and figure out what action you might like to take next.

There are lots of events taking place – from nature walks to group meetings to market stalls and more.

Want to see what is happening near you? Go to the events page to see what’s on! Please note, the events page may automatically list the events closest to you – if you would like to view all events, click the green “See all events” button.

A large crowd of people standing in a park. Everyone is holding a yellow sign that reads Climate Action Now in black writing.
ACF and ally groups and organisations at the Big Climate Picnic in 2022. Photo credit: Australian Parents for Climate Action. 

Go platypus spotting

In September 2022, hundreds of community members headed to creeks and rivers near them to spot the elusive platypus as part of the platy-project month of action. 

Every sighting and attempted sighting plays a crucial role in better understanding and protecting the platypus, so that it can thrive far into the future. 

Inspired? You can look for platypus at any time of year. Sign up to get resources and tips for spotting a platypus and get out there!

Platy-spotting in Doncaster East, Victoria. Photo credit: Cathy Rowland/MAPgroup

Want support to decide on your next step?

Not quite sure which of these opportunities are right for you, or have some questions? Sign up for a welcome call, so we can help you find the best next step for you. And for inspiration, check out these stories of incredible volunteers speaking up for our living world.