The Power to Win toolkit

This toolkit was written to empower the ACF community to step up, get involved and come together to demand change. It was created by campaigners, communicators, organisers and government liaison advisers who have spent years advocating for change.

Together, we have the power to unite and resist the big polluter lobby and demand our elected representatives represent us – and we have the power to win. 

We know this because we’ve seen it before. Throughout history, people have stood together and demanded what’s right. People power is what gave women the vote. It’s what stopped apartheid. It’s what abolished slavery, even though the naysayers said it would ruin the economy. Now it’s our turn.

Together, we will stop Adani’s polluting coal mine.

We will make coal toxic so that no MP can stand up in public and say it is good for humanity. We will make our elected representatives listen to the people who represent us. And we will demand our governments step up and lead – to rapidly shift Australia away from coal and gas – and enable everyone, everywhere, to power their lives with 100% clean, renewable energy from the sun and wind.

To this end, the below sections offer a step-by-step guide to using tools and tactics that really work. This is for individuals, groups, and organisations to make our government listen.

So let's get on with it!

Grassroots advocacy

How grassroots advocacy locked the gate on coal seam gas

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How your MP thinks

How your local Member of Parliament works and how to use that to make change

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Organise a local group

Organise a local group to speak out for your community

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Create a local plan

Run a strategic campaign in your local community that adds up to something huge.

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Adopt a pollie

Pressure your local MP to ditch dirty coal and stand up for clean energy

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Tell a powerful story

How to tell a powerful campaign story and make it visible

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A note from the ACF team

This guide was written by campaigners, communicators, organisers and government liaison advisers. We’ve spent years advocating directly to elected representatives and know how to run strategic, effective campaigns and activate communities to take action with us.

We are also people who are deeply concerned about the urgency for action on unchecked pollution and extinction, and we are determined to scale up action. We know that a handful of experts or one group alone will never have enough impact. We need a wave of collective action all over the country.

We created this toolkit because the inaction has gone on for too long. Big polluting companies damaging our climate. Politicians who forget they represent the people. Reef bleaching on our watch. We have work to do. People like us must step up, get involved and come together to demand change.

We want to hear your stories, questions, comments and feedback, so please feel free to ping us on the ACF Slack Channel if you use it. On Twitter: @AusConservation. Or by email [email protected]

Please spread the word! Only people who know this guide exists will use it. And when we work together, we can create a tomorrow that’s even more beautiful that today.