Confirm your attendees

Text everyone who said that they will come to your event and make sure that they’re still coming! We will send you the most recent RSVP list of people who have registered via our website a day or so before your event, but make sure anyone who RSVP’d in another way hears from you too. Make sure that they know where the event is and at what time. You should also let people know what they need to bring with them.

Resources and snacks

Make sure that everything is ready to go before your call party. Although not necessary, snacks could create a good vibe. You can also suggest everyone brings something to share! It would also be good to make water easily available – making calls is thirsty work!

You'll need to print out these resources for your party. Here are some notes to help you brief the volunteers who join you:

Please get volunteers to sign in, then return their details to us so we can keep them updated on the campaign:

  • Sign-in sheet (with space to add details for your next calling party so people can sign up!)

Everyone who comes along will need a copy of:

  • The call scriptthis gives you an idea of how to structure your conversations – use the script as a guide, but please make sure you say the highlighted text to comply with electoral and privacy laws.
  • Call instructions: example (the dialler number and campaign code will be sent to you by email from ACF two days beforehand)
  • Campaign information: this explains the electorate you're calling, and has some useful info for using in calls.

The above resources will also be sent to you via email after the details of your call party are confirmed.